Import Documentation

• Invoice, Packing List, Certificate of Origin, B/L or AWB, Authority Letter, GATT declaration, IEC no.
• Important documents require for some Items like machinery, Equipment, chemical, some finished products & ETC Catalogues, Technical write-ups, Chemical Composition ETC.
• Processed Food product Test Report & composition.
• Un-processed food & plant Products Phytosanitary Certificate with Fumigation endorsement, Certificate of Origin.
• Toys Certificate of Conformity by manufacturer of goods have been tested in laboratory registered & approved with ILAC, MRA (with seal & Stamp), SGS test Certificate, Self Declaration by Supplier that goods been tested in Laboratory Registered with ILAC.
• Fabric & textile goods Azo Dye Inspection Certificate.
• Fruit & veg. Seeds Phytosanitary Certificate, Import Permit, Permission from SCI.
• Plastic Granules PLAT T required for valuation.
• Metal Scraps Valuation under LME (London Metal Exchange) for non alloy scrap (Copper, Aluminum, Nickel, Lead, Zinc, Steel, Tin), Pre-Inspection certificate require for non dangerous material & self declaration by Supplier. Pollution control board certificate.
• Under EPCG Registered EPCG License, Bond com BG, Panelized Undertaking by Importer, Bank Covering Letter, Signature Attestation From Bank, Copy of Board of Regulation, Particles of Memorandum, Detail of Previous License.
• Ceramic Tiles from China Form A required from Supplier for Customs Duty benefit.
• Wine & Whiskey Test Certificate.
• Clearance under 100% EOU Exercise Certificate, Procurement Certificate, Green Card issued from DGFT
• Project Imports manually BE Filling with Customs, Master File from DGFT, Manually Transactions.
• Re-Import into India Filling the B/E under Notification no 94/96, Original copy of S/Bill, BRC (Bank Release Certificate), Modvat Certificate from Central Excise, Letter from Buyer that what is the reason for sending back the goods, NOC from SIIB
• EPCG License Registration in customs EPCD license, Bond 250% (with 2 witness Rs.100/ bank signature). Duty save amount B/G 100% if merchant exporters, or 15% for manufacture, Authority letter, Request letter, C/A certificate, IEC no, RCMC copy, Copy of memorandum or partnership deed, FEMA declaration (Rs.10/ bond), Previous license detail in bond if any.

Duty Refund facilities

Special Additional Duty (SAD) Refund under notification No.102/2007 Dt 14/9/2007 following documents requirements:-
1. Form no.102
2. C/A Certificate of Accounts
3. Co-relation certificate of materials s ales Accounts
4. Undertaking
5. Bill of Entry
6. TR.6
7. Packing List
8. Commercial Invoice
9. Sales Invoice Photocopy and Original
10. Ledger certificate
11. Covering Letter In the favor of Assistant. Comm.
12. Balance sheet

All photocopy should be signed with seal. additional duty within 7 working day

Import items Handled

Special Additional Duty (SAD) Refund under notification No.102/2007 Dt 14/9/2007 following documents requirements:-
1. For manufacturing units : all type of raw materials & machinery, under DFI, EPCG, EOU, STP Units, advance licenses, re-import & exports,
2. Raw materials : garment accessory, wood logs, polyester yarn,
3. Building Materials : tiles, marble, wire mash, sanitary goods, glass sheets, sanitary-were, plywood & veneer board, wooden flooring, steam room,
4. Household Goods : gift Items, blanket & prayer mats, mattresses, furniture, bed sheets, toasters, gas hobs, glassware,
5. Kids items : toys, cycles, sports goods, diapers, footwear,
6. Fabric : carpet, silk, suiting & shirting, Bonded, coated PU & PVC, flex, non-woven's & Interlinings, knitted, flock. fur, cotton fusible,
Paper : stock lots, cardboard, Printing paper, art & craft board, news prints, release paper, carbonless paper.
7. Automobiles : clutch, bearings, steel bolls, plugs, motorcycle chains, wind glass, bumper, alloy wheels, seat cover.
8. Wearables : shoes, socks, jackets, blazers, trousers, baby products, belts, jeans pent, shirt,
9. Plastics & Rubber : articles, EVA, pet chips, PVC resin, flex front-lit, foam, acrylic sheet, LLDEP, PVC sheet, synthetic rubber,
10. Eatable : wine & whiskey, Vegetable oil, confectionery items, Juices, dry fruit, grain & spices, fresh Fruits, dairy products, seeds,
11. Electronic : computer parts, equipments & operators, semiconductor parts, communication items, medical equipments, DVD & parts, television, telephones & cell phones.
12. Miscellaneous items : optical frame, Stationary, bath soaps, Tyre, umbrellas, lighting fixtures, photo frames,
13. Used Items : rages, conveyor belts, machinery,
14. Machinery & project Import : all type of old machine, used photocopiers & computers, embroidery machine, textile machine, knitting machine, Shoe making machinery, air-conditioners, fax, automobile machinery,
15. Metal Product & Scrap : aluminum scrap, HMS, copper scrap, zinc, brass scarp, galvanized iron wire, CRGO, screws, shredded scrap, tin sheets.
16. Chemicals : dies, poly-oil, thinners, RPO, wax paraffin, lubricants, base oil, spindle oil, bitumen, carbon black, citric acid, titanium dioxide, pigments, organic chemicals & fertilizer, pharmaceuticals products,
Note : Above mentioned are just a few of bulky items that Falcon clear.